About Us

It's in our name - Veritas. Truth. And the truth is - with expanding treatment options and increased costs, businesses are struggling to provide exceptional healthcare to their employees.

That’s where we come in

Veritas uses sophisticated proprietary analytics to identify, prioritize and effectively manage benefit plan members who have serious chronic conditions or are projected to have a significant medical event.

The Veritas approach places the patient at the center of care and ensures that medical procedures are patient empowering, clinically necessary, properly coordinated, cost effective, and consistent with the highest quality standards.

Veritas believes that the only way to achieve sustainable higher quality care and lower costs is to significantly reduce unnecessary healthcare utilization and to develop a strategy that coordinates with and supports individualized clinical goals.

The Veritas team is experienced, competent, innovative and will work with your organization to design and manage a program that best fits your culture.

We take the science of medicine and the art of patient care to a level that meets employee needs, while managing your bottom line. This is what good and honest healthcare can look like. This is what it means to – Live True.