About Us

Veritas Healthcare Management knows most employers struggle to provide to their employees a program of exceptional healthcare. That is why we developed a program that targets the sources of the struggle—challenging health conditions and high healthcare costs.

That’s Where We Come In

Veritas uses sophisticated proprietary analytics to identify, prioritize and help benefit plan members manage their chronic health conditions and reduce their need for medical care.

Our approach places the patient at the center of care and ensures that medical procedures are clinically necessary, properly coordinated, cost effective, and consistent with the highest quality standards.

Veritas believes that the only way to achieve sustainable higher quality care and lower costs is to significantly reduce unnecessary healthcare while coordinating effective healthcare that supports individualized clinical goals. One of the keys to this approach is to identify individuals who are most at risk for poor health outcomes and work closely with them to lower their risk and improve their health.

Let us help you with your healthcare benefit plan struggles. Contact us to receive more information about our program or to talk through the ways we can help you!

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