Healthcare Management

Our Approach to Controlling Healthcare Benefit Costs

Our team of experts is skilled in reading healthcare data analytics and responding with personalized care planning and consultation to address the healthcare needs of your employees.

The analytics help us identify two of the biggest drivers of higher healthcare costs: chronic health conditions and intensive, high-cost medical cases. Once these concerns are identified, our medical director—an experienced physician and healthcare benefits leader—works with our compassionate nurses to develop and implement the right care plans to help your employees with their care needs.

Participant Healthcare Management

Our team has developed a participant-centered care and monitoring system that is based on our experience in medical practice and administration. Our nurses consult directly with program participants, helping them set and progress toward goals for improved health. They employ proven motivational techniques so that participants feel good about their own management of their condition. For large cases, our medical director oversees care coordination personally. Your employees will feel confident they are in good hands.

Data & Analytics to Identify Cost Drivers

Integrated healthcare management is a science supported by vast amounts of data and the modern analytical tools that turn data into customized insights.

We gather data from some of the best healthcare databases in the U.S. Applying what we learn from our own analytics, we work with you and your own data to identify the key cost drivers in your healthcare benefit plan. Then we work with your plan members to address the underlying causes of the cost drivers to improve health and reduce costs.

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