Healthcare Management

The Challenge

You are justifiably proud of your company and of its achievements. Not the least of these is the development of a talented, productive, and enthusiastic workforce. In today’s competitive business environment, the recruitment, retention and advancement of talent is one of the most important strategic capabilities.

Today, there is a new uncertainty for you and your employees. What is the future of their healthcare, their health insurance, and your healthcare benefits program? Costs are rising inexorably. Treatment choices are expanding. Provider choices are contracting. What will the future hold?

The Solution

Veritas Healthcare Management is a team of experts offering a uniquely-balanced and authentic collaboration in the design of your healthcare benefits strategy for the future. Veritas combines sophisticated, reliable analytics with a comprehensive understanding and customized, face to face management of the healthcare needs of your employees.

Participant Care

Veritas brings a unique and superior care component for program participants. The analytics tell us that condition management and large case management are the two people-centric drivers of healthcare management costs. What analytics don’t reveal is the people-centric solution. That’s where the team of our medical director and our highly motivated nurses excel.

Our team has developed, from a lifetime experience of both medical practices and medical administration, a people-based care and monitoring system. Veritas’ in person nurse condition managers help participants set goals, and maintain and monitor progress. They employ proven motivational techniques so that participants feel good about their own management of their condition. For large cases, our medical director oversees care co-ordination personally. Your employees will feel that they are in the best hands.

Data & Analytics

Integrated healthcare management is a science supported by vast amounts of data and the modern analytical tools that turn data into customized insights.

Veritas utilizes the best combination of healthcare databases in the US. From our analytics, and working with you and your own data, we identify the key cost drivers in your plan. Then we work together with your members to address the underlying causes of those cost drivers in ways that manage cost while maintaining or enhancing the service experience for participants.